The Second Annual Conference on Gross National Happiness The Second International Conference on Gross National Happiness
Local Pathways to Global Wellbeing
St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
June 20 to June 24, 2005
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For Immediate Release June 10, 2005

Young People Come Together to Work for Change...

The Youth Day mini-conference, part of the Rethinking Development: Local Pathways to Global Wellbeing conference, is an exciting opportunity for young people from across the country to come together and work towards healthier, happier, economically and environmentally sound communities for both young and old. The Youth Day will take place on June 20, 2005 at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. Its aim is to encourage the transmission of knowledge to youth that is their right as future leaders and guardians of us all.

The Youth Day is a mini-conference about changing our values so that happiness is more important than just having more money. There will be two sets of activities during the day, one aimed at youth aged 12 to 18, and the other geared towards young people aged 18 and up. Participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops, presentations and discussions with internationally renowned leaders and thinkers; these include Rev. Bliss Browne, Founder of Imagine Chicago; John de Graaf, television writer and producer of Affluenza; Paul Shore, Co-Founder of The Apathy is Boring Project, a non-partisan organization that uses media, art and technology to engage youth in Canadian politics; and Vicki Robin, Co-Author of Your Money or Your Life. These amazing presenters will be working with the youth to engage and support their ideas, aspirations and dreams of how they want to see the world change.

GPI Atlantic strongly encourages youth participation throughout the conference and is determined to include as many young people in this one a life time opportunity as possible. There will also be a teen camp to bring together teens who are already interested and active in their communities and a Youth Work-Study program, which provides a chance for young people who could not otherwise afford it to attend the conference by working in exchange for conference fees.

The Youth Day mini-conference, is co-hosted by GPI Atlantic, a Nova Scotia-based non-profit research group, the Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development, the Sierra Club of Canada, Atlantic Chapter, and Sea Level Communications.

The conference has a scent free policy in consideration of those with environmental sensitivities.

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